Thrift Drain Cleaner

Thrift Marketing Inc., provides 60-second drain cleaning products to the wholesale plumbing market.

THRIFT's non-acid formula will not harm fine fixtures, porcelain, chrome trim, polished brass, plastic or metal pipes.
The THRIFT difference
Thrift Acid-Free Drain Cleaner   Other Drain Cleaners
THRIFT is the only four-solutions-in-one product that works on drains, sewer lines, grease traps, and septic systems.   Some competitors may address one or two blockage applications, but not ALL FOUR.
THRIFT will clean out a drain line in less than 60 seconds!   Competitor's products may take several hours or over night for best results.
THRIFT is safe to use on most kitchen or lavatory surfaces.   Competitor's product may not be safe on acrylic, fiberglass or other surfaces.
THRIFT is an odorless formula and is ideal for use in hospitals, schools, hotels or any place noxious fumes may cause a problem.   Some competitor's products produce dangerous fumes and obnoxious odors.
        Sizes are:
                          T-100 1lb, T-200 2lb, T-600 6lb, Super Pro Acid Drain liquid, Cali Buster
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